Raise your vibration, clear your system of blocks, restrictions and limitations. Align with your divine essence, your path and your gifts


1-1 Personal Expansion & Healing Sessions

How are sessions held?

Sessions are held by Zoom private video or audio link, telephone or Skype. Because energy is not limited by time or distance, sessions are just as if we are working in the same room together. After you book a session, you will be sent a private zoom link for your session.

What happens during a session?

During a session, you will be held in a safe energetic space, supported by the highest and best guides. We will set an intention for the session of the changes that you would like to create within yourself or your life. I will then work intuitively with your whole energetic system, golden grids, cosmic light codes, source energy and my guides to align you more deeply with your inner wisdom, intergrating you more fully with your light, your multi-dimensional self, your cosmic origins and transmuting any blocks, traumas or disruptions from all timelines and realities, that have been preventing the changes you want to create and aligning your energy with your true self, dreams, gifts and desires. You may expierence a feeling deeply relaxed, a range of emotions, different sensations throughout your body and energy fields and deep insights into yourself, your path and why certain patterns have been present in your life as we work with the wisdom of your cells and your higher self.

What can sessions help me with?

Sessions can help you to experience deep shifts on all levels. To move forward with a deeper sense of clarity, connection and inner peace within yourself, about your cosmic origins and about your path. Allowing you to remember, free, fully express and embody your true multi-dimensional self and your gifts. If you are ready to move forward and create change, then this deep and powerful work can allow you to access your inner wisdom, heal and intregrate lost and wounded parts of yourself, move beyond old traumas, limitations and restictions from all times and realities to become divinely whole again. Sessions can help with, but are not limited to.... - Accessing your intuitive, healing and psychic gifts - Moving beyonds old traums and limiting patterns - Aligning with your inner light and divine self - Creating more inner peace, self love and well-being - Overcoming procrastination, self critism, low self-worth and doubts - Creating better health, success and abundance in your life - Connecting with your guides and soul support team - Aligning with your path - Creating more balance within yourself and your life - Overcoming addictions and self destructive habits - Deepening your connection with the source energy within you - Healing past lives (from other dimensions and realities) - Integrating with your multi-dimensional light body - Connecting with your home planets and star sysytems - Finding direction when your feel lost - Getting unstuck - Healing the roots of relationship, money, health and success issues - Freeing yourself to express your true-self - Public speaking - Clearing spells, curses, implants, contracts, vows, attachments

About individual sessions

About Golden Frequencies Distance Healing Sessions

Healing is not limited by time and space. During these sessions you will receive channelled healing through the golden wave ray. The golden frequencies are one of the highest vibrations of divine unconditional love and allow deep healing and inner peace to work with the wisdom of your cells and your light-body to rebalance and restore your system to a state of well-being.

How do I recieve Golden Frequenies Healing sessions?

When you book your session you will be asked what specific area of life or your system you would like to focus on for the session. You will receive an email with all the session details and at the time of your session, you will be asked to lay down somewhere quiet, with your mobile and distractions turned off for the duration of the session. I will then channel the golden wave healing frequencies to your system for 30 minutes. After the session it can be helpful to stay relaxed for 10-15 minutes. I will then email you with details of what I picked up on, witnessed during the healing session.

How can Golden Frequencies Distance Healing help me?

Whether you want to find more balance, release stress or address a particular ailment or issue, this deep healing goes beyond words and works directly with the wisdom of your cells and light-body to create more oneness within.


Golden Frequenices Distance Healing