Why now is the most exciting time to be a healer/light-worker.

​There has never been a more exciting time to be your true-self in all aspects of your life and work. To create a fulfilling life expressing your true-self and doing what you love. The opportunities in the new frequencies are limitless. 

As we move towards full integration with 5D ascended earth, now offers the greatest opportunities for releasing old contracts, programmes and energetic imprints that you have collected along your souls journey as you align more deeply with your light-body, to be your true-self and share your gifts with the world.

​You have an important role to play as we move forward together, from "I" to "We" consciousness. As you align more fully with your inner light, not only do you find it easier create your dreams and live with more self-love, joy and freedom, but you also contribute to the earth by raising the consciousness of humanity and the planet to create more freedom, happiness and abundance for all. This is a collective shift of consciousness.

Ponder for a moment on our collective history for the last few thousands of years compared to now...

There has never been a safer, more fun and exciting time to be our UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC selves.....

Healers and light-workers - The industry of health and well-being is expanding into new holistic perceptions and understandings of the mind, body, spirit connection, and there is growing awareness and evidence, through studies of healing, the sciences of quantum physic and mechanics that we are all pure consciousness, connected to everything, made of the light and energy of creation. This expanding awareness means that all types of healers can stand proudly and bring there gifts to the earth and humanity like never before.

For the last few thousand years, it has been a very different story, with persecution and punishment for many who practised healing and channelling arts, forcing it to become hidden, judged and feared. Now you can celebrate and safely and confidently share your healing gifts in a world with an expanding view and deeper awareness of the power, benefits and value of working through vibration, whether it is light, sound, energy. And there is more cosmic assistance than ever before, bringing vibrational healing modalities, guides and masters to earth as we create more light within ourselves and anchor these into the new earth grids.

If you are a sensitive, healer, channel or light or energy-worker, have you experienced inner fears or resistance about your work? Do you feel stuck on your path? Do you worry about your work and you being able to be valued, respected and accepted by society, friends and family? Or fear judgement from others about your spiritual healing work? About charging for your healing services?

If the answer is yes, then it is highly probable that these fears and programmes are left over from earth lives and beyond. Maybe past life experiences where being a healer was dangerous and involved persecution and it was considered un-spiritual to have money and charge for healing, there can be vows to have nothing and suffer to be close to the divine. You may have off world contracts to only reveal your gifts at the right time on earth, or that you shut your gifts down at one time.

If these are active in your vibration, they can hold you back from bringing your gifts to the world and feeling fulfilled.


Not only do they not serve your highest good, but they can block you from the beautiful contribution that you and gifts are to the world at this time.

The great news is that you can heal and release these programs easily!

Over the years teaching people how to connect with the source energy within in them and their divine gifts, clearing your vibration of these OLD disruptions can bring the biggest breakthroughs to stepping into your light and moving forward with your healing businesses.

As we go through the current ascension shifts, more people than other need support, guidance and healing. And the world and humanity need you and your healing gifts NOW!

It is no coincidence that so many new healing modalities, that work faster and go beyond words (beyond the 3D logical, having to understand mind), are coming to earth now. It is so there is something for everyone, as what will resonate with one person, may not be right for another at that stage of their journey and earth is being supported by lots of off planet help to assist us shifting our vibration and aligning more fully with our light

If you would like to find out more about clearing your vibration of old patterns like these and aligning more fully with your divine essence and gifts, and the new frequencies we are moving into, click here.