What Are Cosmic Light Codes?

The light of the new age has arrived, bringing codes to activate and re-awaken our consciousness to REMEMBER our multi-dimensional selves and live in lighter vibrations and higher consciousness once again.

The light of ages returns...

Cosmic Light Codes carry the ancient knowledge of remembering and connection.

Cosmic Light Codes is an ancient ascension system that has assisted many other planets with ascension and is new to earth at this time. Cosmic Light Codes bring ancient wisdom and codes carried through high frequency light from source energy and other universes that your soul's light knows, remembers and understands. The codes and ancient wisdom they carry activate a re-awakening of dormant knowing within your cells, DNA, light and energy bodies that you are a divine multi-dimensional being, part of a much bigger picture and of the oneness of the cosmos.

They activate and upgrade your inner hardware and software to return to your divine blueprint and align with the changes we are currently experiencing, allowing your true divine self to "come back online". By aligning you more fully with all aspects of your multi-dimensional self and your light body, they allow you see and move beyond the limitations, restrictions and stories of separation consciousness you have experienced and gathered during many universal lifetimes and to transmute those energetic disruptions and densities through all timelines and realities into wisdom, love and light. Allowing you access your spiritual gifts, bring them to new earth and SHINE as you.


Cosmic Light Codes works through grids and the golden wave frequencies with the whole system, earth, the cosmos and your energy system. You, the earth and the cosmos are much more deeply connected than you might think, you are part of it and it is part of you. And it was always part of the plan that if humanity made it past 2012 without destroying themselves, then Cosmic Light Codes and many other cosmic systems would be ready to assist with the next phases of ascension from 3D to 5D. As you work with cosmic light codes, upgrading and re-calibrating yourself into more alignment with your divine-self and releasing the dense individual and collective baggage that we have been carrying in our vibration from the old paradigm, we bring those lighter frequencies into the collective field and the NEW EARTH GRIDS to stabilise the new lighter frequencies on new earth. This makes it easier for others to tap into the lighter frequencies of love, oneness, co-operation and compassion so they can become our new reality.


The Light of ages returns.

Light is the universal language of the soul and the cosmos. Everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the hugest of galaxies is made of the light of creation all connected in an ocean of universal consciousness. Light can be wave or a particle, it can be visible or invisible to the naked eye, but it is there. Photons are packets of light that exist everywhere in the universe, photons are how we experience life, translating light as images, however light exists as a wave of infinite potential everywhere, until it becomes a particle as matter, so life as we currently experience it is literally unfolding photon by photon. We are currently raising our light quotient so that we can reconnect with our light-body's once again.

We are pure energy, vibration. Science has proved this fact to be true now. As we go through ascension we are re-integrating with higher vibration, faster frequency light.

Cosmic Light Codes work with high frequency encoded light that has existed for millennia in the universe, but is only able to reach us now. These light encoded frequencies have been used for re-balancing systems (beings and worlds). These cosmic light codes are carried on a golden wave and encoded with information from the beginning of time, the codes of creation. They are too fast in frequency for our current vibration on earth, so they are filtered to adjust their frequency to be more gentle. Like a transformer, adjusting the frequencies to allow the wisdom and information within the the light frequencies to reach us in a way that can be absorbed and utilised to raise the vibration of humanity and earth to the level we are meant to be.


Everything has its own frequency or harmonic, you, the earth, each galaxy, each being, when one frequency is out of sync, the whole system is out of balance, when they are in harmony, it is a symphony. We are now coming back into harmony. They old 3D experience of separation consciousness caused discord in our systems and the universal harmony, Cosmic light codes can help us to "re-tune" so that all our light frequencies can come into harmony once again.

Multi-dimensional Self

We tend to think of things in a linear fashion, as that is the way we think we are built, however this is changing as we transition from 3D to 5D and return to out multi-dimensional DNA is remembering the awareness of our divine-selves and our connection to the cosmos. We are unique multidimensional frequencies of source energy. Our energy is too light, fast and vast to all be bale to be present in the density of the 3rd dimension. An aspect of our our multidimensional selves is the part of us that has been having a human 3D experience, and in many instances, we have felt separate from that larger divine part of ourselves, ruled by our survival instincts. We have many energetic bodies, the physical body is the connection point between the physical reality and our higher self, which is the highest vibrational aspect of ourselves. Our higher self is connected to source, the cosmos, the planet, collectives and ourselves and able to to be in many places at once. It is the part of us that guides our intuition, our inner knowing and a spiritual direction. Now as our vibration is raising to 5D, which is the platform for multi-dimensionality, we are reconnecting and remembering from within that we are multi-dimensional once again. This is showing up in the ways we are being led to make life decisions that make no logical sense, but come from a deep inner need to be in more alignment with who we truly are, to be in environments, relationships, living and working in ways that resonate and feel more authentically aligned with our values and who we truly are. Heart Centred living is started to take over from survival thinking.

Through Cosmic Light Codes, we can reconnect and integrate more fully all aspects of our multi-dimensional selves, many of which are on other planets, parallel universes and other dimensions. In doing so, we create great healing, gather long forgotten spiritual gifts, knowledge and awareness. The large majority of us CHOSE to come to earth at this particular time to be part of this REMEMBERING and many of us to clear up all debris from previous lifetimes and ancestors, keep the wisdom and ascend. Also because, with all its drama, Earth holds one of the biggest opportunities for growth and expansion.