We are being upgraded...

Our whole systems are being upgraded to be in alignment with the new frequencies that we are moving into.

We are literally expanding into our light bodies, which is re-activating cellular memories of our multidimensional selves and awakening chakra's and DNA that have been dormant for most of us for many thousands of years, allowing us to remember who we really are at a cosmic level, an unique spark of divine universal consciousness.

We are moving out of being led by our the 3D brain and lower chakra's, survival way of being and into a more expanded version of ourselves, that has a deeper awareness, knowing and remembering of our connection to everything that is led by the heart-mind and our higher-selves. 

Just like any computer operating system that has not been upgraded, eventually the system is unable to install upgrades and new software because they are not compatible with the old system. Then you can experience conflicts between the old system and new upgrades, such as old separation perceptions and programmes of logical thinking and survival mind-set conflicting with the new programmes of being led by your heart, your inner knowing and being your divine-self with an expanded view of life from a higher perspective.

Whereas, in the past we may have been able to stay in jobs, relationships and situations that we knew deep down weren't right for us, perhaps because of the 3D security they offered, or fears of leaving, this was because our predominant programming was about survival and led by the logical mind.

Now as we start to be led by our hearts and divine selves from within from the upgrades we have been experiencing, it has become almost impossible for many to ignore that niggling inner voice and feeling that they need freedom and space to be they're true selves, to be in situations, careers and with people that feel more in alignment with who they truly are. The urge to do something that utilises our passions, feels fulfilling and contributes to our lives and others in quality, rather than just make money is causing people to leave situations that don't feel right of satisfying on a soul level and search for what brings them real fulfilment. This can feel scary and illogical to our old system as we start making choices and taking action in new ways, sometimes without knowing how the new path will unfold.

That is what we are experiencing now, on an individual and global scale, old systems are malfunctioning and disintegrating, dense frequencies of fear, control and misuse of power are being brought into the light to create a new way of being. But, we are being supported through these energy upgrade our systems to gently awaken our multidimensional selves, so that we can align with the new lighter frequencies.

​This means that as we activate and align more with our light and the new frequencies, we can de-frag our inner computers to release and deactivate any old conditioning, programmes, emotional imprints and agreements of struggle and survival that have been clogging up our light and no longer serve our highest good to embrace a more aligned, abundant, fulfilling, co-operative and sustainable way of living. As we do this we free not only ourselves, but the whole planet to be part of the new ascended earth that we are moving into.

Many of the dense beliefs we hold are not our own, but handed down through many generations, timelines, past lives from all over the multiverse and even from group consciousness.

We are in unique period of time when we are being invited to release the programmes and contracts that no longer serve our highest good and have been impeding our alignment with our true light.