Meet My Cosmic Light Codes Team

We are three, we are one. We are the radiance, the wave, the particle. We are the light embodied bringing ancient knowledge to assist you through these changing times. There is great love and joy in lifting the veil and remembering who you truly are at the cosmic level. The love we feel for you is immense and beyond your current cognition of understanding. ​

Where there is light, there is love and as you let the frequencies of light into your mind, your body, and your heart you will remember who you really are and who you have always been, a unique child of the universe with immense gifts. Let this love and light reconnect you and guide you from within as you honour yourself and all life, for truly we are all one. Your hearts are opening to new frequencies, unlocking the codes within. ​​

This is a shared journey you are travelling and you assist one another and the earth as you activate and acknowledge your inner light and the inner light of others and all life. You raise your consciousness and the consciousness of the planet. As you do this you it allows you to live in lighter vibrations, creating a new co-operative, abundant and sustainable life on new earth. 

The time is now, alignments of the stars and planets are in place for this window of opportunity now. There is much cosmic help and support available to you now, that has not been available for a very long time. Embrace it, flow with it now, step into the joy it brings you, to your life and the planet. 

Many will connect with and remember their cosmic homes and origins, creating portals to bring ancient and enlightened wisdom forward to assist you and the earth collectively in this transition from density to light. 

Free your mind to dream, open your heart to love and miracles will happen. You are a being of love and light, remember it now. ​

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