From Survive To Thrive

We are currently in a massage transition from one paradigm to a new way of being. We are moving from separation consciousness and back into oneness and unity consciousness.

We completed a 26000 year cycle in 2012, at which time we entered a new cycle, the next golden age, where we are re-uniting with our light bodies and moving into the lighter vibrations of the 5th dimension and remembering our multidimensional selves once again. This transition is set to complete by the year 2032.

We have been running on an operating system of separation consciousness, where our primary nervous system was set for survival. During this time we have got lost in the collective stories of struggle and the dense vibrations of physical reality and believed it to be our whole reality. Think for a moment about the stories of our history, battles, power, the struggling hero, who overcomes adversity to find happiness in the end. These stories have been so deeply woven into the fabric of our 3D reality and experiences for so long, that many of us had forgotten our true divine nature. We have been operating predominantly through our lower three chakras of stabilty, security, will and power.

There has been a veil of forgetfulness in place, some of our DNA was inactive, creating a invisible barrier between us and our connection with the universe. This experience that allowed us to develop great learnings until we were ready to step back into our own light and find our own way back to our divine selves. Each time we passed from an earthly body, we would reconnect with our divine essence, our multidimensional selves, our guides and souls families and source energy, meet with other souls and soul groups and assess what we had learned and decide with other souls if and what we would like to heal, learn, experience and grow from in the next Earth experience. However, when we arrived, we would often forget why we had came and get lost again in the 3D story. Believe it or not Earth is a very popular destination for souls to grow, because there is such contrast and diversity.

Now as we transition into lighter frequencies, we are moving into a new story of THRIVING, CO-OPERATION and BEING on ascended . The veil of forgetfulness is lifting, so that we can purge our systems (earth, our own and collective) of any left over dense vibrations, from the old paradigm experiences, keeping only the learnings that serve our highest good and remember, align and integrate with our multidimensional selves and our light bodies and experience oneness again. Restoring our divine blueprint.

Our systems are being upgraded from the inside, as encoded light, re-activates and awakens us to our divine nature and connection to source energy. Lifting veils, activating dormant chakras as we expand into our light-bodies, our hearts to take the lead over our minds and remembering our deep KNOWING that we are an extension of source energy, connected to the cosmos.

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