10.10.19 The next wave is beginning...

I ask my guides about how cosmic rays are impacting our spiritual evolution

There are indeed cosmic rays that are continually shaping life throughout the universe, however it is not these that we wish to speak of today.

There are great changes brewing as we have entered the next wave of enlightenment. This next phase you are currently entering will awaken many to remember their connection with the divine. There will be many who embrace this shift with elation, bu there will be many who feel confused, disorientated and off balance as they will be seeking answers and guidance. you and the light-workers currently on earth can guide them to balance their energies as they ride this wave.

Much density is being released from the planet and humanity, but there is much more to come. The waves stir things up to be released, as your systems (Earth and humanity) are flooded with light that awakens your connection to the universe from within. These changes can be uncomfortable and sometimes scary for some as old dense vibration patterns shift and their whole perspective shifts from thinking to knowing. Old patterns patterns and belief structures can cause conflicts with these changes, causing many to question themselves, the changes and what is happening to their reality.

Life is evolving to a higher vibration, the heavy and dense vibrations and frequencies of fear, separation and lack must go, as they cannot exist in the next levels you are moving into. They are dissolving as the lighter frequencies come in.

These energies feel faster and this can bring feelings of anxiety as they are felt, the fears and densities will be seen and felt as you pass through them. This discomfort is temporary, but may feel uncomfortable for those holding on to them.

Although these new frequencies feel faster, there is great peace within their vibration. BALANCE is the word right now, partaking in activities that allow you to feel balance will help you to synchronise with these faster frequencies and stabilise these frequencies within earths and your energetic fields.

Take time to be in nature, walk and breath in natures balancing energies. Connect with water, drink more water, bathe, utilise waters purifying nature. Eat food that nourish you and avoid polluted and modified foods. Take moments to site quietly and breath deeply or meditate, focus on stillness and emptying. Allow yourself to practise activities that bring you peace to assist with synchronising with the new frequencies.

We are entering a different time structure, time as you currently know it will eventually dissolve into oneness and the present moment. Linear time is speeding up as we begin to align with cosmic timelessness.

The racing and urgency that many of you are feeling is the speeding up of yours and the earths vibratory fields. There may be an urge to race forward, but for many of you it as accompanied by not knowing in what direction.

The channels of light are opening more portals that is flooding the whole of earth's and humanities fields with light and codes that are awakening dormant potentials and a deep urge to contribute to the earth and each other. Connections with distant home planets and other galaxies and universes is now possible, making it easier to connect with your soul families and cosmic homes.

When the light floods your system, there is a deep stirring as your multidimensional self re-awakens and your current awareness begins to remember your divine essence. This can feel strange at your current level of awareness, as the part of you that you call you, realises that it is part of a larger self, multidimensional self. This is only because you have been in the separation consciousness of 3D, but to the core of your inner being, it is a remembering. A remembering of the truth of who you really are, of where you are from and your connection with everything.

You are pure consciousness, an extension of source energy and the light of creation, expressing itself in a unique way with your own unique frequency.

Now, as you are returning to oneness, you and the Earth are now purging yourselves of all the dense vibrations that have been part of your collective separation story and cleansing your systems (Earth and yours) timelines of any dense vibrations that have been preventing or holding up your alignment with all that is.

You are in the midst of a deep evolutionary process. Many of you chose to come now to assist this process by clearing up these dense vibrations from all lifetimes, ancestors, soul groups and humanity. Many of you are connecting with your cosmic teams and highest guides to bring through gifts to assist others and the planet, some made contracts to return to Earth now and bring specific gifts and tools to assist with the ascension process.

This transition is a collective one and the light of creation and many off planet help is supporting this shift wholeheartedly, as Earths ascension is important to restore balance to a much larger system beyond your current wildest imaginings. There are other planets currently going through ascension, however Earth is one of the pivotal ones at this time, which is why there is so much universal assistance available now.

Imagine a group of children in a team race, all participants must reach the finish line for the team to succeed, however one gets distracted and drags along way behind everyone else. The other children, parents, teachers, call them, cheer them on and offer encouragement and support for the child to catch up, rejoin the race reach the finish line.

That is where earth is now, no-one can do the race for the child who got distracted and lagged behind, but there is SO MUCH help, assistance, encouragement and support to bring them and bring the Earth back up to speed (higher vibration). There is so much assistance that you can currently tap into this help and support on this journey.