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Share the journey of unlocking the light and ancient wisdom within,  release limitations, align with your multidimensional self and the new frequencies we are moving into

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We are currently experiencing many changes within ourselves and our perceptions as we move towards new earth and align more deeply with our multidimensional selves and our cosmic origins.

These changes can feel amazing as we feel more connected and expansive. However, sometimes these changes can also be challenging as we start feeling the universal energy shifts and old separation consciousness energy, patterns, programmes and emotions that have been disrupting our light surface for transmuting and our perception of reality and ourselves expands to remember our divine nature.This is a collective journey for humanity and the earth, as much as an individual one as we are all being upgraded and re-calibrated from within. 

I have created this group to create a safe space to assist and support our spiritual growth through the current transitions. It is a place where we can share the joys and challenges of our journey to remembering our true-selves, attend a 90 minute monthly call which will assist with energy clearing and alignment with our light.


Member Benefits

  • A 90 minute monthly zoom call on the 1st Monday of every month at 8pm GMT (energy clearing, meditations, discusssions and processes for aligning with your divine self, path and gifts

  • Recordings of monthly calls to listen too

  • A private member FB group (livestreams, discussions, Q&A's)

  • Members 33% discount on 1:1 sessions

  • Tips, guides and processes to assist you on your personal expansion journey

  • Members discount on workshops

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    Unlock the Light Within
    • A 90 minute monthly call
    • A private members FB group
    • Empowering guidance and insights
    • Super helpful tips and processes
    • 33% off 1:1 individual sessions
    • Members discount on workshops