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  • Energy Clearing and Alignment 90 Minute Group Call
    Thu, 12 Mar
    Location is TBD
    Transmuting old energies, patterns, attachments, contracts, dense vibrations, energetic disruptions and stories blocking your ascension path and aligning more deeply with sources light within.
  • CATCH THE LIVE REPLAY Clear Your Ascension Blocks Live Interview
    Mon, 24 Feb
    Location is TBD
    Discover what blocks our ascension journey, why now is really important to clean our vibration of these, with live group meditation, live caller Q&A's and energy clearings
  • Remembering the Divine Multi-Dimensional Self
    Tue, 18 Feb
    Location is TBD
    Strengthening your connection with your higher-self, your light-body, source energy to create deeper inner peace and divine flow in your life. Connecting with the ascended earth frequencies to aid you in bringing your light to the world in ways that feel safe, fun and aligned with who you truly are.
  • Clear your energy for 2020 - 90 minute live group call
    Tue, 11 Feb
    Location is TBD
    Clear your energetic system of struggle and survival patterns that clog up your light and hold you back so that you can integrate more with your divine-self.and embrace your divine path more fully.
  • Expanding Beyond Identities
    Mon, 13 Jan
    Location is TBD
    Along our soul's journey we gather many definitions of our identity, many of these "I am's" are no longer serving our highest good, but still active in our vibration. During this online workshop we will be transmuting these to unify with unique spark of love and light you really are.

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Live energy clearings, light activation's, upgrades and alignments


Assisting you to integrate more fully with your divine multi-dimensional self. Expand beyond limitations, restrictions, clean your vibration of dense blocks and fears and bring your light to the new Earth.