Clear your energy for 2020 - 90 minute live group call

Clear your energetic system of struggle and survival patterns that clog up your light and hold you back so that you can integrate more with your divine-self.and embrace your divine path more fully.
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Clear your energy for 2020 - 90 minute live group call

Zoom Workshop

11 Feb 2020, 19:00 – 20:30 GMT
Location is TBD

About the Event

Join me in this deep and powerful workshop to expand your light and clear your vibration of blocks and disruptions ready for embracing your divine self and path more fully for 2020. We will be transmuting and releasing old energies, patterns, attachments, contracts, dense vibrations, energetic disruptions and stories of separation, struggle and survival that may have been holding you back and blocking your path and connection, aligning more deeply with your divine self and the source energy within you. Step more fully into your own self love and appreciation, clear the path for life to unfold in new ways. 

  • Transmuting old dense struggle and survival vibration programmes, agreements and stuck emotions 
  • Freeing your system of blocks between you and source energy
  • Clearing mulidimensional vows and fears blocking you from bringing your true frequency to earth
  • Intergrating more fully with your divine-self
  • Strengthening your connection and knowing that you are a unique spark of divine source energy. 

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