Cosmic Light Codes

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A B O U T  

Welcome to Personal Freedom and Alignment

Experience the FREEDOM and FULFILMENT of aligning your inner light, feeling and becoming more divinely WHOLE, COMPLETE and BALANCED than ever before, within yourself and every aspect of your life as we move into the frequency of cosmic consciousness.

If you’ve been searching for a modality that is grounded, real, powerful and can assist you in transcending and freeing your system from old blocks, patterns, traumas and assist you through the current shifts, challenges and sometimes turbulent and confusing changes that we are currently experiencing as we collectively move out of the struggle and survival consciousness of the 3D paradigm into the awakened, connected and empowered vibration of being our multidimensional selves… then your in the right place!


Everything we (source energy, my guides and myself) offer here is to assist you in reconnecting with the unique frequency of divine love and light that you are, your cosmic origins, aligning and integrating with your light-body, REMEMBERING who the TRUE YOU is at a multidimensional level, tapping into the limitless potential within you and the abundance of divine support available to you to create a life you love being your whole cosmic self in new ascended earth energy.

A B O U T  

What Are Comic Light Codes?

The light of the new age has arrived. Everything from the tiniest grain of sand to the hugest galaxies are made of the light of creation, everything is connected by light. Light is the universal language of the cosmos and and multidimensional self that goes beyond words and the logical mind. Light carry information. Light codes are encoded with sacred geometry, knowledge, messages and frequencies that your soul recognises and understands at a deep level. These codes expand your consciousness, raise your vibration and activate your dormant DNA, allowing you to integrate with all aspects of your divine essence and original blueprint to experience more oneness. 

Cosmic Light Codes are high vibration frequencies of light that emit codes and contain ancient knowledge. As these codes flood your system they re-activate your dormant (junk) DNA and re-awaken you to the larger truth of who you really are, remembering your cosmic origins and your spiritual gifts. They lift veils, dissolve and transmute disruptions (blocks) in your light field that had been preventing you from BEing your fullest expression of your divine-self. They activate and upgrade your hardware and software and cleanse your vibration of densities throughout all timelines, dimensions and realities, allowing you to SHINE AS YOU. They allow you to align more easily with the lighter vibrations we are moving into and assist others and the earth by stabilising the higher frequencies in your system and the whole universal system.


How Can Cosmic Light Codes Help Me?

Wherever you are on your personal healing and growth journey, Cosmic Light Codes is a gift that can can assist in your path to divine wholeness, happiness and well-being. Allowing you to BE and express your true-self and bring your divine gifts forward to create the highest vision for your life. Do you want to connect more deeply with your divine-self, your gifts and your inner wisdom? To raise your vibration, activate your inner light and move beyond limitations? Are you feeling the deep restless urge to BE YOUR TRUE-SELF and contribute to the world? To live, love and work in a ways that HONOUR YOU and feel in alignment with who you really are? Are you experiencing frequency shift symptom; tired, achy, confused, unbalanced? Do you feel stuck or lost? Trapped in struggle and survival mode? Or experiencing old patterns, blocks or fears surfacing to be released as you move forward?Blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns, old contracts collected along your souls journey are just some of the disruptions of dense or slower frequencies in our vibrational light field that can hold us back from aligning with our fullest expression of our true selves, our path, our purpose and our dreams. They are surfacing now for release individually and collectively, so you can move beyond the illusion of separation stories and remember your divine essence once again. This is non intrusive modality allows you to clear, heal and transmute the roots of these disruptions at high speeds, raise your vibration re-align with the true spark of love and light that you truly are.

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How Do Cosmic Light Codes Work?

COSMIC LIGHT CODES is a fast and powerful multidimensional healing and ascension system that allows you to release and transmute the dense frequencies of blocks, traumas and patterns quickly and integrate more deeply with all aspects of your higher-self, access your inner wisdom, your cosmic origins and the immense divine guidance and support available to you. 


Working at a deep soul and planetary level, directly through source energy, my guides, the golden wave, higher rays of love and light and cosmic light codes to activate your crystalline light-body align you with your divine essence and cosmic potential.


By anchoring these light codes into your system through your heart and the cosmic heart of new earth, you remember your oneness and clear your path to bring your true-self, spiritual gifts, dreams and knowledge to the world.


As you activate your divine blueprint and remember who you are at a multidimensional level, you rewrite your DNA, allowing you to release, transmute and move beyond old stories, limiting beliefs, agreements and energetic imprints of separation, struggle, survival and lack and into alignment with the lighter frequencies of freedom, self-expression and fulfilment.



Why Now?

We are currently in the midst of a deep evolutionary ascension process. We are entering a new 26000 year cycle of oneness and moving out of the denser vibrations of 3D separation consciousness. We are transitioning to a higher vibration of becoming one with our light-bodies and multidimensional selves once again. This ascension process is happening to many planets in our multiverse, but Earth is one of the pivotal ones. Because of this there is much off planet assistance and support coming to earth at this time in the form of guidance, new healing systems and channelled messages. We are also experiencing great waves of high frequency light coming into our energy fields and the energy fields of earth that are upgrading our whole systems, activating and re-awakening us to remember our cosmic selves, cosmic origins and connection to the universe. These upgrades are preparing us from within for the new human to come online, as we will operate in a multidimensional way once again, living through our heart centres rather than through our old 3D mind led way of being. Many of you are already experiencing deep shifts of remembering your connection to source energy, of your hearts starting to lead you to what feels authentic and in alignment with our true-selves, that contributes to others and away from people, situations and jobs that no longer feel fulfilling on a soul level. We are being guided from within to drop our old internal baggage that no longer serves us, release old contracts, patterns, stories and beliefs of separation, struggle and survival and embrace our divine unity once again.

Finding Our Spiritual Path


Your Spiritual Path

During these changing times, many people are feeling a little lost on your path. This is because our physical selves are just one part of our WHOLE divine selves and as we are re-uniting with all aspects of our cosmic selves, which can feel strange or uncomfortable for the logical mind and our systems in the old way of being.


The more you connect with the source energy within you and clear your vibration of dense patterns and the disruptive frequencies of old stories, identities, blocks and fears, the more easily you will align with all aspects your divine-self and your path becomes clearer. Consciously focusing on your divine wholeness, allowing yourself to integrate the light, knowing and remembering that is activating within you and allowing yourself to release old judgements, beliefs, patterns is the key to reconnecting with and remembering your inner guidance, your joys, your passions and your purpose. We cant take our old lower vibration baggage into the lighter vibrations we are entering, holding onto them just makes them feel heavier. Luckily the light that is flowing to and through us now allows you have a higher perspective and let go easier.


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