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 Connect With The Eternal Wisdom Within You. Clear Your Blocks. Remember Who You Are and Why You Came Here

Hi Friends and Light-Workers

I am honoured and excited to assist you on your journey of personal expansion to integrate more deeply with your soul's light, your higher self, your path and your divine gifts. I'm the founder of COSMIC LIGHT CODES connecting you with love and light encoded frequencies to free your system from blocks, expand your consciousness, remember your true divine essence and your cosmic origins.


Liberate your system from the dense vibrations of fears, traumas, limiting patterns and energetic blocks that you may have gathered along your souls long and varied journey. ​Remember the love and light you truly are, access your inner wisdom, reconnect with your soul support team and the immense divine guidance and support available to you as we remember our oneness and enter the new ascended earth frequencies together.


Welcome to the journey of remembering your divine self.

Welcome to a new way of being, re-awakening to our oneness. Remembering that we are all unique sparks of divine unconditional love and light on a shared journey with our own individual gifts, cosmic heritage and divine support on our journey.


Love and Light Services


1-1 Sessions

Connect with the love, light and universal wisdom within you, expand into your whole divine-self, move beyond blocks and fears and into a new way of being.


Courses & Events

Be part of powerful live group energy as we connect to our inner light, raise our vibration, ride the new frequency waves and transcend old blocks together through light work



Share the journey of re-awakening, transcending old stories and aligning with our light. Tips, guides and meditations, stay updated about the latest news and events

Exciting Times

You are a unique divine being of love and light, made of source energy. You have chosen to come to earth at this exciting time to experience the wonderful gifts and opportunities that the current energy shifts into universal consciousness offer individually and collectively. 

As we and the earth transition into lighter frequencies, now offers the one of the greatest potential opportunities for spiritual growth, freedom and happiness as we move beyond the dense vibrations and stories of separation, survival and lack and into the lighter frequencies of unity, freedom, co-operation and heart centred living, to become divinely WHOLE again as we remember and align with our oneness and expansive nature. 

Whether you are just becoming aware of this inner 'knowing' or you are already firmly on your ascension path, I'm here to encourage, guide and assist you through the current transitions. To integrate with your inner light and create a fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life that nourishes and contributes to you, and the planet, being the fullest expression of your true-self, honouring our purpose, living our dreams and sharing our gifts and knowledge with others.


Blog & Guides




I've been working Internationally as an intuitive energy healer and personal growth teacher for 20 years. I can you help you to activate your inner light, align more deeply with your divine-self, gifts and cosmic origins. Free your system from dense vibrations, clear stuck energy, limiting thoughts and emotional patterns, move beyond traumas and blockages that are preventing you from living your most fulfilling life that honours and contributes to you, your dreams, your purpose and the new Earth frequencies we are moving into. I work mostly on Zoom, Skype and telephone allowing distance to be no barrier. (View my full profile).


Sharing the Love and Gratitude

Sarah Hampton

Author and Healer

 During one session I actually felt old energy leaving from my head and experienced deep calm as light returned. In another another session I had to aid public speaking which was blocked due to past life and past dimensional planetary memories. Pip cleared these quickly and following the session I immediately felt I would be able to speak publicly and have now started doing so on radio shows worldwide.

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Cat Moyle

Energy Body Worker

The theme we were working on was money and how my energy system relates and responds to it, how it comes and goes, self worth and reward issues and a whole host of unexpected patterns my soul had been carrying. Since the session I have felt the freedom to start a project I have been planning for 2 years and feel much lighter when money challenges arise, not falling into the drama but seeing the bigger picture.

Elisenda Kirshmyer

Soul Evolution Coach

Philippa has an amazing ability to tune in. She starts at my "now point of expanded awareness" and finds the path for the next step in my soul growth and evolution. It has been a gift to have such a dedicated support in my awakening and reconnection to cosmic consciousness. Her work has helped me uncover more talents and gifts and gain more clarity for my future path. Recommended to all that want to go beyond the ordinary!."

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